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Crazy paved patio refurbishment

Mr and Mrs B contacted our office in late January 2023 to request a quotation for a refurbishment on their crazy paved patio in Caterham. We visited their property at a pre arranged time and discussed their requirements. The paving had been laid by the homeowner some 30 years previously and despite their best attempts to maintain it was in need of some TLC. As well as being really dirty a lot of the pointing mortar was also in a bad state of disrepair and some of the slabs were dangerously loose.

A detailed itemised written quotation was emailed to the clients with 48 hours of the initial meeting with options for the necessary repointing work as well as deep cleaning and sealing. The quotation was accepted within an hour of being sent and dates for the work to start were arranged.

The first phase was an application of our moss, algae and weed control solutions which was carried out approximately 14 days before the main work was due to commence.

When the solutions had taken effect we returned to professionally pressure wash the paving before carefully applying patio black spot remover to attempt to eliminate the black algae that was blighting the surface of the slabs. The black spot was incredibly stubborn and even after being left for a few hours it was refusing to shift so we made the decision to leave it soaking overnight to obtain the best possible result.

The next morning the black spot had nearly all disappeared and continued to fade throughout the day. We started the 3 day process of removing all the pointing and clearing out the joints, this was quite long arduous work but fortunately Mrs B kept us topped up with plenty of tea! Next was the rebuilding of a step which was crumbling and dangerous and levelling and relaying various areas of the patio which had become loose or were damaged and causing puddles.

The next job was to repoint the crazy paving and when this had cured the area was treated to an application of paving sealer.

As you will see from the photos the end result was pretty spectacular and we've given this, shall we say, more mature patio a new lease of life to be enjoyed in the spring and summer and for many years to come. Mr and Mrs B were over the moon with what we had achieved and this prompted them to leave us the review below.


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