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Driveway and Patio Repointing

Bad workmanship, weak mixes, ice and snow, movement of the sub-base, pressure washing with the wrong equipment and sometimes just old age can all contribute to the failure of the pointing on a slabbed patio. Pointing can crack and eventually be dislodged causing the slabs to wobble and eventually move. All of which can start to look unsightly not to mention becoming a serious trip hazard.

SavingPaving offer a full or remedial repointing service including lifting and relaying any loose or damaged areas of paving, renewing any broken slabs and removing and replacing loose pointing.


 We are specialists in installing resin based jointing systems or more traditional sand and cement based methods.


After the cleaning process is complete any defects and necessary repairs will become apparent and the options will be discussed with you and a free quotation given before any work commences

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