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Pattern imprinted concrete refurbishment

We were first contacted by Mr and Mrs C from Warlingham in September 2019 to provide a quote and successfully carry out a crazy paving refurbishment to their patio. We discussed a refurbishment to their pattern imprinted concrete driveway and paths however the weather was just starting to turn cold and so we all agreed to wait until the following spring. The following May a site survey was arranged and all the options were discussed before a fully detailed, itemised quotation was provided and accepted with a date booked in for the initial treatment of algae control solutions and the main work to begin in July

As you can see from the pictures above the surface had almost completely lost it's colour and was showing signs of fatigue with a number of cracks having appeared.

Our first job was to professionally pressure wash the entire area to remove all traces of dirt and algae. After this any cracks were carefully raked out to the correct depth and cleaned out before being filled with a high strength, coloured 2 part powder and liquid resin crack repair kit and smoothed off.

The next step was to start carefully building up the layers of colour before a final 2 coat application of paving sealer was applied to protect the surface.

The weather was really kind to us during this job and as you can see the results were pretty impressive too! In just a few days we had completely transformed the appearance and the kerb appeal of the property. We were really proud of what we had achieved and Mr and Mrs C were delighted, so much so they were prompted to leave the review below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any paving refurbishment requirements of your own.


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