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Stunning Indian sandstone driveway refurbishment

We initially received a call from Mrs W in Sanderstead, South Croydon in January 2023. She had inherited this driveway when she purchased the property in 2019 and although her Son had jet-washed it regularly, the surface always looked dirty and dull and the pointing in between the slabs was in a bad state of disrepair. There were also a number of cracked slabs on the threshold of the driveway.

A free site survey was arranged and during this visit we explained to the client that the paving slabs were affected with black spot algae and that years of over enthusiastic jet washing had resulted in the pointing beginning to fail. After discussing the clients requirements and expectations and explaining our process and a full site survey was carried out, then within 48 hours a detailed, itemised no-obligation quotation was emailed across for the client to consider. Upon acceptance of the quotation dates were arranged for the work to begin in late February.

The first phase of the work was a treatment of our algae and moss control solutions which were carefully applied and allowed to work for approximately 2 weeks.

When we returned the whole area was professionally pressure washed using our rotary cleaner and a treatment of patio black spot remover was very carefully applied and left to penetrate the slabs for a few hours. The area was then pressure washed again to remove all possible traces of the algae, lichen and moss and left to dry out overnight.

The next stage of the process was to carefully remove all the remaining pointing from the driveway and to clean out the joints and to remove and replace any cracked or damaged areas of paving. The driveway was again left overnight to allow the bedding mortar under the re-laid slabs to harden.

The following day a resin jointing mortar system was installed to the driveway in a colour to match the previous mortar in accordance with the manufacturers instructions.

The area was the left for 48 hours to allow the jointing system to cure before the sandstone was treated to an application of driveway sealer.

As we're sure you will agree the result was quite stunning, with the black spot algae removed and the paving sealed the natural veining and colours in the sandstone are intensified and really bring the stones to life. Mrs W now has an absolutely amazing looking driveway that completely enhances the appearance of her property....She loves it so much we're going back in May to do the same to her patio!

Please don't hesitate to contact us to arrange your free site survey and absolutely no obligation quotation.


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